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…Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief priests,
and said unto them. What will you give me, and I will deliver him unto you?
And they convenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver.
And from that time he sought opportunity to
betray Him… (Matthew 26: 14-16)

…And the same day Pilate and Herod were made friends together; for before they were at enmity between themselves… (Luke 23:12)

Since October 25, 2001 Metropolitan Laurus and his synod have spent more than $150,000.00 for lawyers and expert witnesses in a futile attempt to gain forced guardianship over Metropolitan Vitaly. During these proceedings the Synod of Metropolitan Laurus using endless affidavits, personal testimonies and doctor’s opinions has attempted to prove that Mrs. Ludmilla Rosniansky was a danger to Metropolitan Vitaly’s health and well being by exercising undue influence over the Metropolitan. In addition, they specifically accused Mrs. Rosniansky of administering a cocktail of narcotic drugs and medications to Metropolitan Vitaly for the purpose of gaining and maintaining control over his mind and free will. Suddenly the impossible has happened. Seeing that they were failing to gain control over Metropolitan Vitaly through the courts Metropolitan Laurus cynically and diabolically changed tactics. Metropolitan Laurus tempted and bribed Mrs. Rosniansky, the very person whom they testified under oath in the courts was a danger to the Metropolitan, and paid her to return to Metropolitan Vitaly’s side. For due consideration she agreed to regain the Metropolitan’s confidence and persuade him to go to Novo Divievo Convent in New York State where he would live under house arrest under the guardianship of Bishop Gabriel and in the direct care of Mrs. Rosniansky. Alas, tempted by thirty pieces of silver both Metropolitan Laurus and Mrs. Ludmilla Rosniansky betrayed their own previously expressed principles and Metropolitan Vitaly whom they claim to serve. Let us all ask in prayer before the Throne of God how it is possible that Metropolitan Laurus could in good Christian conscience turn the Elder Metropolitan Vitaly over to the care of Mrs. Ludmilla Rosniansky whom they accused of harming Metropolitan Vitaly. Either they perjured them selves in their accusations or, they saw the opportunity to use Mrs. Rosniansky and her harmful and controlling ways to gain control over Metropolitan Vitaly. May God Have mercy on them. Please read this document and consider each and every detail in the light of the Truth of Christ which bishops are bound before God to uphold.

The document below speaks for itself and proves without debate the true diabolical nature of the "concern" Metropolitan Laurus and Mrs. Ludmilla Rosniansky have for Metropolitan Vitaly.
Glory be to God that Metropolitan Vitaly has completely rejected Mrs. Rosniansky attempts to convince him to go to the United States. The faithful should be comforted to know that in the event he is taken against his will into the custody of Met . Laurus and his synod, Metropolitan Vitaly has given the bishops and clergy specific instructions on how to procede with the life of the Church in his absence. Foreseeing this possibility Metropolitan Vitaly has instructed the bishops , clergy and faithful that our church is founded upon the living tradition of the Holy Russian Orthodox Church and a clear confession of faith in these times of apostasy and has directed us to continue with the legacy we have received.

Click here for the full text of the "Motion for Psychiatric Evaluation" filed by Michael Donskoff on behalf of the "Synod of Bishops" Also at the end of this document is added the New York judges decision concerning the "petition under Article 81 of the Mental hygiene Law" by Bishop Gabriel Chemodakov for the appointment of a guardian of the person and property and property of Vitaly Oustinow, a person Alleged to be Incapacitated." This clearly shows that the legal proceedings initiated by Michael Donskoff were brought on behalf of the ROCOR under Metropolitan Lavra. Contrast these documents with the below "pact of betrayal of the person and confession of faith of Metropolitan Vitaly" between these two opportunists.

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